Sunday, 13 June 2010

One must ask...

One must ask, if not for European Colonialisation, what kind of world we would live in today. If not for the likes of Imperialism or Empire building.

If not for the European Colonialisation of nearly all the world, would we have a so called "Third World"? Would Africa be a beautiful and prosperous continent? Had the likes of Germany, Belgium, Britain or France not pillaged and raped the nations in Africa, would South African Apartheid ever have happened? Would 800,000 people still have been slaughtered in Rwanda?

If not for the building of Empires, would Kashmir be the subject of conflict between India and Pakistan? Would Asia be such a poor continent?

Would the Natives, on the continent now known as America, still live in relative peace, indeed on the land and not in "reserves" like some kind of endangered species? Would Racism be as rife in the North of America as it is?

Would the people of Palestine suffer under the same degradation relayed unto them by Israeli occupation forces?

Would Irelands History be one of such Bloodshed, war and devision?

Had the rulers of the nations in Europe, not decided they were better than others and thus set out with the aim of proving it, would we live in the kind of world now that people often dream off?

Who knows what are world would be. But one thing for sure, if Colonialisation, Imperialism and War mongering are not dealt with, the Rwandan Genocide, South African Apartheid and the Holocaust will creep up on us time and time again.