Friday, 24 October 2008

Waiting for the Guards

An impressive video as part of the campaign for Amnesty Internationals "UnSubscribe" Campaign. In recent years I have chose not to follow Amnesty over their refusal to accept a ProLife stance, however I strongly believe in this campaign.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Going Green?

Well, again its been a while. I just can't get myself into blogging since my return from Europe. I've wrote blogs, but deemed them uninteresting, and didn't post them. Up until now that hasn't bothered me, but now these days it does. I haven't been able to find inspiration. However this one is a rant in reference to a conversation I had recently.

I am quite enviormental. I would be an advocate for "going green". My discussion here is how non enviormentals tend to make a bigger thing out of it than Enviormentalists do. What do I mean by this? Well simply when you talk to people about "Going Green", their immediate reaction seems to be "Oh thats too much hassle". Well really its not that hard at all. Simple things can make a big difference, however people undermine them. For example, if your not in a room then turn the light out. Not watching TV; Turn it off. Going to a nearby store, walk don't drive. Many people think that its a whole other life being an "Enviormentalist", so much so that I'm not sure I want to relate myself to the word anymore.

"Going Green" can be simple changes to the way you do things, and just a little more extra thought. One thing that came up in our discussion was how they thought going green meant cutting out luxuries such as Air Travel. Where as some enviormentalists do choose not to use Air Travel, it is not an essential change. I for example have travelled three times by plane this summer. Infact we do not need to cut any of the luxuries out of our life; We don;t need to watch less tv, reduce Computing time, travel less etc etc. Just try the simple things.

1. Don't leave the Lights on if your not in the room
2. Turn of the TV at the mains, when your done watching
3. Turn of your PC at the mains
4. Don't drive unless you have too
5. Wash at Forty
6. Recycle

Recycling is the only change, that really takes more hassle. It does invovle sorting your waste, and may involve travelling to recycling bins or bays. Though for most of the North of Ireland, recycling bins are available from the councils, and will be collected in the same way as your waste bins.

So yeah thats all I wanted to say really. It may not seem that interesting to anyone, but trying the little things will help the enviorment, if we all start doing so. What other benifits are there? Well, you will save money, and in the time where the Worlds economy seems to be heading towards crisis, many countries already there, then we could all do with saving a few pennies. You'll spend less on electricity and less on gas. It benifits you and the Enviorment.

So yeah try the Green option for a while, and see what you think about it.

Sorry about the Self righteous Enviormentalist talk

God Bless

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Im Sorry

Well its been a long time sine I made the effort to get a Blog up. I have yet to Blog about my trip to Europe and I have yet to have put up a Blog about my Week in Lourde. So I'm gonna throw quite alot in to this one.

Basically Europe was amazing. The indepth blog that I kept will never surface, by now its irrelevant. I flew into Paris, then visited Brest on the North West Coast of France. Its a lovely Maritime villiage. From here we returned to Paris. The City is beautiful, and is rife with Art, History and as much as I'd like to avoid the Cliché, it really is the City of Love. If your staying in Paris I would suggest the Montmartré area. It translates to the Mount of Martyrs. My reasoning is for the close proximity to the Sacré-Couer. It was my favourite Parisian site. If in Paris use their Metro. Its fantastic.

From here we crossed borders into Belgium to visit Brugge. Another beautiful place. The Camp sote we stayed in was beautiful, and was less than a half hour from the Square. We attended mass at the Chapel of the Precious Blood, and venerated the relic. It was all very overwellming. Before leaving Belgium we made the obvious stop in the Capital, Brussels. I don't want to talk ad about someones city, but I didn't get Brussels at all. Another border Crossing brought us to Germany, to the city that hosted the World Youth Day, previous to Sydney. Koln. It was a very nice city, and has a fascinating Cathedral and a great Zoo. From here we visisted a friend in birth place of Beethoven, Bonn. Then crossed borders again to the Beautiful city of Luxembourg. It really was a stunning place. Back into France this time to visit Strasbourg, before heading into Germany again for to ee Freiburg. We travelled back home through Paris, London, Holy head and Dublin.

Okay, I guess I'll talk about Lourde now. Lourde was amazing, and I have made memories that will last a life time. I met some amazing people, whom I hope to also have in my life forever. The whole place was amazing. The actual Sanctuary had me in awe. However the most special place in my eyes would have to be the Grotto. I stood in an area, that just 150 years ago, the Mother of Christ, and our Mother in Heaven stood. I was in absolute Peace the whole time I was there; Pray was easier than it has been in a long while. The Papal mass that I attended at 6am in the morning was great. The atmophere was fantastic. On top of the fact my Faith was given the boost I was looking for, the Craic was mighty also. Heres to the Jeanne D'Arc. Also it provided me with my first visit to the Basque region. It was a Beautiful Day.

In other not so great news, I'm not very happy in my current Job. I feel like I am no more than a glorified Technician or Secetary. Now I have no problems with said jobs; but after two years in a Industry specific course, this is not what I feel I should be doing. I know however I should not complian as many others have no jobs, and struggle with Cash flow. I pray for the strengthn to accept the work year ahead.

I believe that is all.
I won't be a stranger.

God Bless