Monday, 25 August 2008

New Job

Well today was the start of the new year for me.

I began my third year of my degree, which just so happens to be my placement year. So in order to complete my degree I have to spend a year in industry, and so I am working as a Web Developer in the University of Ulster. At least that is what I was led to believe. After my first day I'm not 100% sure that is actually my job title.

There were three of us and we started at nine. We went straight to HR to fill/hand in the necessary forms. We got our staff photographs taken and were led down to our office. I was pleasantly surprised to discover we are in the same office, and not separated into offices with older people whom we are unfamiliar with. Anyway after a short introduction and explanation of the job we went for a tea break. We started our first jobs after this... Building Computers from Ghost images.

Not exactly Interactive Multimedia Design, but a handy tool I guess. We were rebuilding the machines to suit our needs. We only got two machines done before heading for lunch, and then back to the room. We installed the Adobe CS3 Suite and then basically sat around until the end of the day.

So nothing to exciting, but all in all it seems okay. I'm now under the impression the year will entail more than I was aware.

So just a wee short one tonight. In other news due to a lack of requests I'm merely going to post a ingle blog summarising my Euro Trip.

Till Then

God Bless

Monday, 18 August 2008

Its been a While...

So August is nearly over and I haven't blogged in a while. Well I have but I just haven't posted yet, but I'm planning to make ammends.

So much has happened and I just haven't had anytime to myself. Where to start. For the whole month of July I was in Europe. I saw 4 countries and ten cities. I have so much to write about; From WIne on the Champ É'Leysée to mini golf on the side of a mountian in the Black Forest in Germany. It was great. I'm not gonna try and remember the whole lot in this blog cause I'll forget so much. I kept a daily blog though, so if anyone actually wants me to post them as I wrote them, comment or mail me. I don't believe anyone actually reads this so if I dont get the request, I'll just post a summary later. So coming home from Europe was a sobering experience. God Led me across Europe safely, and returned me home.. I got home and in the week I arrived there was two weddings , a gig and a night out.

I didn't have much time to rest. I got home two days prior to my cousins wedding as promised. I had to do a prayer reading at it. I got so nervous, but it went alright. The reception was great fun. It was so customed. Being a personal affair I won't go into it, but it was good fun. Two days passed and I got up and put on my suit again, this time for my Sister. Sharon McHugh was soon to be Sharon McQuitty.

I thought this day would never come, and honestly its a not a day I looked forward too. I'll be honest and say it caused a few family rows. However the day was great. We sorted everything as a family, and I honestly believe , or at least hope, the families have connected. My family laughed and danced all night. God blessed us with a great day. The McQuitty's are now safe at home after Honeymooning in Turkey.

So, the gig. Damien Dempsey played the Empire Music Hall yet again, and as always really impressed me. I brought my sister, as she is an incredibly talented girl when it comes to singing and music. I thought she'd be impressed, and she was. Though she knew no lyrics she enjoyed what she saw. I don't think I can go any more indept here; Damien is a great, honest and entertaining musician. You just have to see him live to believe it. His fan base is immense. His Latest album "The Rocky Road" is an incredible collection of the tunes that Damien grew up on himself. However the day brings me to my next point... The Dark Knight.

Previous to the gig me and my sister went to see Batman: The Dark Knight. At first viewing I thought this movie was amazing. I was blown away by Heaths performance. In an interveiw he said "Its probably the most fun I'll Ever have acting a character". If only he knew how true that statement would be. Regardless of him passing away, his portrayal of the Joker is great. However at second veiw I didn't feel so strongly about the movie afterwards.

It's not a masterpiece a many have said.
It's not the Godfather of the Superhero genre.

Asfar as being a masterpeice goes, the story was quiet week. What I mean buy this is that for being a Batman movie, he seemed like an irrelevant character. Replace batman with any superhero and you'll note he makes little impact. The film is about the Joker and Harvy Dent. So the story straight away takes away from it being a masterpeice. I have other problems but I won't dwell, the movie is still a great watch.

This is getting long so I'm gonna go.

God bless