Tuesday, 27 January 2009

What does this mean for Ceasefire/Peace talks?

An explosion on the Gaza border has left one Israeli soldier dead and three others injured. In retaliation Israeli troops enteredthe strip and killed one Palestinian. Decided that this was not retaliation enough the Israeli Airforce carried out airstrikes in Southern Gaza, wounding two people, one of whom was thought to be linked to Hamas.

Is this a break of the ceasefire? Israel said if Hamas fired Rockets they would enter the strip again. Hamas, who have never denied responsibility for its actions, have not cliamed this explosion. However Israel regardless carried out airstrikes. In my eyes that is breaking their ceasefire. How can Hamas be expected to continue holding back, if they will be punished for the actions of others. I feel this is merely bait to lure Hamas into breaking its ceasefire.

Israel, who have yet to pay for their war crimes, have bombed an area that has been virtually decimated in recent weeks, and is still starved of aid and shelter. This is unacceptable. Legitimate governments should not make decisions under, "Well they started it".

To further fuel my anger with the disgusting decisions of the BBC, they made "Explosion on Gaza Border Kills Israelis" ground breaking news on their website. When the airstrikes happened hours later, it appeared as an "Also in the News" article. The BBC can no longer convince me of their impartiallity.

I wish everyone would take leadership from Protesters in London, and refuse to pay their TV Liscence. Why should we be expected topay for this biased, uncaring company to remain as the dominate British TV company? Its wrong, immoral and unacceptable.

During the DR Congo war, when many hundreds have been displaced, and left in desperate need of aid, the BBC hosted an appeal on their own News show. Where was their impartiallity there? Where is the difference in the situation then and now?

We must fight this atrocity. Boycott Israeli good, and supporters of the Zionist movement. I will post a more indepth blog about this at some point this week. We must complian, through emails and letter to the BBC, to force them to actually be impartial.

You can email the BBC general director, Mark Thompson, at the following address:


Please help in anyway possible

God Bless

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Unseen Gaza

Well I know that the "War" that Israel raged for 3 weeks has come to a ceasefire, but we must not let the humanitarian, and war, crimes go unaccounted for. Anyway one of the ways that Israel have tried to get away with their unlawful acts, was to ban international reporters from entering the Gaza Strip under the disguise of "Security".

Now my first problem with this is that Israel have absoluely no right to stop anyone enter Gaza, as they have no right to stop Palestinians from leaving and reentering.

My second problem is that this stopped the western world from recieving facts,information and footage of what was really going on. Everything had to be reported from rumours they tried to extract from Gazan reporters. Any way this showed aired during the week. I have hosted the first part, but there are six parts on YouTube.

Part Two can be found here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wod2ycln0AQ

Please watch. I won't tell you to enjoy.

God Bless

Friday, 23 January 2009

What now for Palestine...

Israeli Troops have pulled out off Gaza and the Seige continues. Borders remain closed, and many remain ill and/or dying. The facist BBC have refused to air an emergency crisis appeal from DEC, calling for help for Gaza, cliaming it does not want to seem impartial, regardless off the 50,800 Homeless and the 400,000 left without water. The BBC chooses to sponser thier death. And thats what YOU pay a TV License for. Palestinians must now feel so alone.

Furthermore Israel are making threats against the people of Gaza once more because they have begun to smuggle using the tunnels once more, and many suggest they may have never stopped. As a result many Palestinian civilians may be lost in those tunnels never to be recognised. Anyway I ask this one question; Do Israel really expect us to think that they honestly believed smuggling would stop? Of course they didn't and why should it. Infact now more than ever the people must smuggle.

50,800 people have been left homeless, 400,000 are without water and countless numbers are serverly injured, literally at deaths door, yet the Israeli and Egyptian controls refuse to open the blockade and allow the required aid, water or even food into the people. If the Palestinain people of Gaza are going to be left to starve, then they mut use the tunnels to smuggle food. If as a result weapons are smuggled to Hamas then Israel are architects of their own downfall. Open the borders to the people, allow them the right of travel, and allow them the right to feed thier people, and there will be no need for smuggling tunnels.

However on that note why should the elected representatives of Palestine not have weaponry? If Israel havebombs then why not Palestine? Is an Arab not as equal as a Jewish man? The Palestinians are an opressed people, and this is recognised by international bodies. If Israel where not occupying, and oppressing the people of Palestine then their weapons would not be used against them. To demand the unarming of Palestines Elected Body is to disregard Palestine as a state and a nation. This proves to me that Israel have no intention of supporting a two state coexsistence.

I urge the continuation of, or the beginning of, your boycott against Israel. Also to those of financial ability in this time of crisis, please visit UNRWA to help by making a donation.


God Bless

"My Fellow Citizens"

So Due to illness my Blog has fallen silent for a few days. I've also decided all aspects of this blog that where about my social life will no longer be part of the writing, as it is fairly pointless and serves only to deter people. For now on, it shall be a place for me to voice and share my social and political views. I have a lot to say.

The inauguration of the 44th American President, Barack Hussein Obama, the First President of African American decent, took place on Tuesday.

This is a big event, not just for America, but globally. Due to the Financial Crisis worldwide, he will be scrutinised by everyone. In Iraq, and Afghanistan the current Wars demand attention. In Cuba, The Torture Chambers of Guantanamo Bay are crying out for attention. In Palestine the people fearfully wait to see if Obama will continue to support Israeli War Crimes. In Pakistan and Iran the people wait to hear will there be calls to war.

I don’t feel any President has come to office, with so many doubtful broken Souls, looking towards them for hope and peace.

Two million hopeful Americans crowed downtown Washington DC on Tuesday, to witness this Historical event. How I wanted to be among them. When asked, however, where I was when this took place I will say "I was at home, sharing a meal with my family". Not to bad an answer I reckon. His speech had no memorable moments such as "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself", as stated by Franklin D. Roosevelt. However some reporters called it the greatest Political speech they had ever heard. Well here is my review.

Less than Five minutes had elapsed and I heard more of the same we've been hearing for nearly 8 years. "Our nation is at war, against a far reaching network of Violence and Hatred". This is the same language that has created fear, terrorism, war and death, since the Bush Administration conceived the idea to invade Iraq, to finish his fathers work. However shortly after this, through talk of hope and equality my mind seemed to settle. Despite the reference of a Vietnam battle site as a proud American moment, I stayed confident; Confident for America.

However around the half way mark I became unsettled again, as he spoke of "facing down Fascism and communism" in the past. Although he spoke of his intentions to leave Iraq, I did not settle down much, especially upon hearing him say "We will not apologise for our way of life". He went on to discuss how America will not support "inducing terror and slaughtering innocents", and yet to date has still not condemned Israeli action in Gaza, but in fact only today defended it.

Addressing "The Muslim world", was a mistake as he almost seemed to be painting all the Arab and Muslim nations at terrorists. I assume this was not his intention, and that he had probably pent a while trying to work out the words to use here. However he did go on and accuse some of wanting to "sow conflict [and] blame their society’s ills on the west". As a sign of hope, he spoke of unclenching fists and extending hands and seeking "a new way forward, based on mutual respect". He went on to speak of helping the poor nations and suggested they could no longer consume the world’s resources. A pleasant change; he didn't once use the word Terrorist, which has be an overused buzzword, a tool of terrorism, by the Bush Administration.

Within 24 Hours of Office he requested the suspending of Guantanamo Trials, and has ordered it be closed in a year. He has began work on the removal of Troops from Iraq.

I'm not 100% sure how I feel, but its a little better than knowing Bush is running the worlds most powerful seat.

God Bless

Monday, 19 January 2009

Gaza "War" Video

Okay so YouTube won't let me put this up. SO a little late but I thought I'd finally post this video here. Its a selection of Photograph of the recent "War" in Gaza. All the photographs came off the BBC News Channel. Hopefully this will be enough to encourage you to continue, or start, the Boycott:

Please note that this video contains images of suffering on both sides, and off Hamas rockets also.

God Bless


Sunday, 18 January 2009

That is not a Ceasefire... Its a Military Technique!!

I went to bed last night, comforted by the fact that a Ceasefire was to be called at 12:00 last night. However this morning I rose and switched on the News and what I saw annoyed me to a rather deep level.

This "ceasefire" seems to me to be no more than a tatic of war, and propagandha. The "terms" of the cease of bombing in Gaza are set out in such a way that Hamas can not stop fighting, and thus world view will hopefully change to support the Israeli action in Gaza.

"Today from 2 O'Clock this evening, we will stop are action in Gaza, and we will continue to maintain our postion there. Hamas is not part of the arrangements we have made. The Terror group Hamas can not be part of these arrangements " - Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

That statement clearly goes against the two terms that Hamas wanted, and disregards Palestine, and the Plaestinian people as non entities. Hamas are legally elected, and the seige on Gaza forced them to fight for their country. If you choke a man hard enough, he will fight back with everything he has. Don't get me wrong, I don't agree with the Rockets into southern Israel, but the people of Palestine were so desperate that they elected an extreme group. But that is going off topic.

My point here is by disregarding the terms Hamas asked for, they are leaving Hamas with no other option but to continue their fighting. Hamas have called a ceasefire in the strip however, despite this obvious farce. However this Hamas statement makes clear to me that violence will return within a week.

"In the Name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful. This is a statement in the name of the Palestinian resistance factions.

The Zionist aggression against the Gaza Strip which has gone on for more than three weeks has failed, and with God's blessing it failed to impose its conditions on the resistance and on our people.

We, the Palestinian resistance factions announce a ceasefire of our factions in the Gaza Strip and we stress that our demand is the withdrawal of the enemy forces from the Gaza Strip within a week, along with the opening of all the crossings for the entry of humanitarian aid, food and other necessities for our people in the Gaza Strip.
" - Hamas Statement

Until Israeli soldiers pull out of the Gaza strip, they know as well as I do, the violencewill not end. They are tempting fate, putting peoples lives on the line and are doing it quite deliberately.

So I urge any readers to continue, or to start, boycotting Israel. If not indefinitely, then at least until the Gaza strip is freed from the illegal preseance of Israeli Soldiers and tanks. Over 1,200 people are dead. Over 40 of those people are Women and Children. 86% of them all have been civilians.

Support Peace, Boycott Israel!

God Bless

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Israeli to Announce Ceasefire... Its Not Over

I'm happy to say that the Israeli government has come out today and said that a ceasefire is imminent and predictions say that tonight could be the night. Peace is what I have been litterally praying for, and that a ceasefire would come. However remember that it is not yet over.

1,200 Palestinians have been slaughtered and at last count over 300 off those had been declared as Children. A huge unacceptable 86% have been declared Civilians, and by that we mean non Hamas members. Many others killed have been Politicians, legally elected, but painted as terrorists as a way to justify this slaughter off innocence.

Israeli troops have bombed UN Schools and UN Humanitarian headquaters, Clinics and Civilian Homes. The Israeli Soldiers fired shells and rockets at area that the UN had informed them held 500 people seeking refuge, in what is already a Refugee Camp. Israeli Soldiers have fired on UN Humanitarian trucks, and even shot Palestinian civilians waving White Surender flags. They have also used Phosphorus weapons, which in the situation was illegal. Israel will now more than likely walk away unpunished for crimes, which are against the Charter of the United Nations, The Declaration of Human Rights, The Declaration of the Rights of the Child, The Euro-Mediterranean Agreement and Global outcry. They MUST be held accountable for the WAR Crimes they bestowed on innocent people.

After this ceasefire I would like to highlight that there will not be "peace", but merely, an absence of conflict. I have disagreements with this ceasefire, and I will have to insist that where as this Ceasefire is essential, these disagreements that, not only I, but many people have, must be brought up and dealt with. Whats left of the 1,500,000 people in Gaza will be forced to live in an even smaller area, as many many homes have be completely destroyed. The Apartheid wall will still be surrounding innocent people. Israel will still occupy Palestinain land and will still be opressing the Palestinian people.

The only way to insure lasting peace in Palestine is to recognise it as the country it is, tear down the illegal wall and return the rights of the Palestinian people and return the borders to the positions they were before the Six Day War of 1967.

Furthermore I am disgusted by the Western Governments for having still not condemed the "War" as an unacceptable slaughter of innocence, and infact they have offered support in helping put down Hamas. Hamas are yes militants, but they are a legally elected governing body for Palestine. They hve the right to be a strong political body. It also comes as no suprise that the Israelis now call a ceasefire, the weekend before President Elect Barack Obama's in auguration to the White House. Ban Ki Moon of the United Nations has shown anger that a third attack against a UN School took place today, despite promising just the day before it would not happen again. He has also called for a thurough investigation, so there is hope.

At this stage I am happy to see the Cease of Israeli military activity, but I continue to urge people to Boycott Israelis goods, as the Occupation and Racial segregation of Palestinians continues. As I stated in the title;

It is not over

Friday, 16 January 2009


Airplot - i am an owner

It started like most good ideas around here, with a conversation down at the pub. And there have been many times over the last few months when I wasn't sure we were going to pull it off, but we're now the proud owners of a small piece of land within the site of the proposed third runway at Heathrow.

We're expecting the government will announce that they're going ahead with expansion at Heathrow this week and we now need you to join us. Sign up now to get your own piece of the plot. It's not a financial thing, but you will be included as an owner on the legal deed of trust. -Greenpeace (http://www.greenpeace.org.uk)

God Bless


Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Israel's country prefix is 729

You can tell Israeli Products by the barcode... Israel's country prefix is 729.

No idea what I'm talking about, PLEASE READ MY LAST POST

God Bless

Boycott Israeli Goods

When White Aparthied Governments racially discriminated againt the Black population of South Africa, the boycott off South African Goods helped to end the problem. Currently the Israeli State is oppressing the Palestinian people. Most people in Gaza, are not Gazan, or living in Gaza by choice. The majority off these people are there seeking refuge from Beersheba, Ashkelon and other Cities, since they were driven out by the Israeli Army in 1948. The Gaza Strip is a refugee camp.

In 1994 the Israeli state begun the construction off of the first sixty kilometre barrier wall, an aparthied wall, around the Palestinian area's of Gaza and the west Bank. In June of 2007 the Israeli and Egyptian States began a siege of the Gaza strip and refused to allow food or resources to enter. This created a Humanitarian crisis that the Israeli State denied, and thus refused to let Humanitarian Aid enter the strip.

On December 27th 2008, two days after Christmas was celebrated worldwide, the Israeli army began a Bombing campaignof the Strip, and eventually sent foot soldiers and tanks into the strip. To date near 1,000 Palestinians have been slaughtered, over 40% of whom have been Children. A UN school has been bombed, killing 40 people. A UN Aid worker has been murdered, when Israeli tanks opened fire on their Convoy. An Israeli rocket demolished a Clinic destroying millions of pounds worth of Health/Hospital equipment. The Israeli army have the exact co-ordinates of UN structures, provided by the UN

The Israeli state insist that this is defense against Hamas "Terrorists" whom are constantly firing Rockets on Israel. These bombs have killed 28 people since 2001, as an attempt to fight for their Freedom. The killing of innocence in these attacks is wrong, but Israels response is unproportionate and unacceptable. It is mere revenge, not defense. The Israeli army can not carry out precise and effective military action on an area of land 45 km (25 miles) long and at most 10 km (6 miles) wide, where the population is 1,500,000, 50% of that population being under the age of 18.

This action has already went against the Geneva Convention, The Charter on The United Nations, The Declaration of Human Rights, The Rights of the Child, EU regulations set out by the Euro-Mediterranean agreement and Global Public Outcry.

As stated in my last blog this shares incredible similarities with the Nazi Holocaust carried out on Jews, Soviets, Catholics, Homosexuals, Twin etc.

Stop the Slaughter, Boycott Israeli Goods!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

History's Habit off Repeat...

History's Habit off Repeat...

1940's: The Warsaw Ghetto was walled in by the Nazi regime, in 1940, housing 450,000 JEWS into 1.3sq miles. After the Nazi's no longer saw the reason to keep it open, or closed one should say, they began to bomb the Ghetto. Land Troops entered the Ghetto, among the burning and destroyed buildings, and killed the Jewish residents.

2008: The Gaza Ghetto, was walled in by the Nazi (Israeli) Regime, in 1996, Housing in 1,481,080 into 139 sq miles. When The Nazi's no longer saw any reason to keep it open, or closed one should say, they began to bomb the Ghetto. Land Troops entered the Ghetto, among the burning and destroyed buildings, and killed the residents.

Christopher McHugh