Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Dalai Lama

Just a comment I want to pass on something I heard a few days back and never got the chance to mention.

The Dalai Lama commented that the USA were champions of Democracy and human rights. I would seriously hope that this was a case of democratic politeness and nothing more.

How could anyone deem a nation built on genocide, violence and racist bigotry to be a champion of anything?

After "discovering" America, the vistors tried to commit genocide, on the natives. Then you have their fight for independence, as long as you were White. The very men who wrote with one hand "...all men are created equal", oppressed the black with the other.

Then Abraham Lincoln, is famed for liberating the slaves, despite the fact that he publically admitted he did so only to secure his union and had he been able to do so without liberating the slaves he would have done so.

So once black slaves were "liberated", they still were not held in equal standing. The government having dehumanised the black people, made way for the rise of racist groupings such as the KKK.

I won't go through their entire history, but you get the point.

God Bless, Peace

Monday, 22 February 2010

Marimba Ani on Obama

The European conquest of the mind of most of the people of Africa and Asia is their greatest achievement. Beneath this deadly onslaught lies a stultifying intellectual mystification that prevents Europe's political victims from thinking in a manner that would lead to authentic self determination. Intelectual decolonization is a prerequisite for the creation of successful political decolonization. We can proudly say that one of our people represents the most repressive, destructive, inhumane, anti-afrikan nation ever to have existed. Will we go down in "his" story as having finally capitulated and become satisfied with the evil that is represented in contemporary globalization, privatization and intulectual capitalism? Have we aborted our movement for freedom, liberation and soverignty? Or have we merely redefined that objective in "american" individualistic, "whats in it for me" terms? Have we "won"? Or have we simply taken the easier road, finding it more comfortable to be colonialized than to fight for Liberation? Are we excited about the possibility of being closer to the power than we have ever been. Even though that power rests on the exploitation, even murder, of Afrikans and other non-Europeans throughout the world? Have we even dared to ask ourselves what kind of person would want to be president of the United States of America?

- Marimba Ani

Saturday, 20 February 2010

"...all that time on the Blanket wasn't wasted"

I know its been a long time since I had a proper post here. Being in my final stretch of university is keeping me on my toes, and sadly away from the political circles. However I have kept on top, still reading and watching as much as I can.

There has been plenty going on; policing and justice talks to name one thing. I will not bring his up in detail, other to say I was really unsatisfied with how it went about, and I am less than convinced, especially since we will be forced to wait longer to see how it plays out; I'll keep an eye open though.

On top of that we have Israel up it their usual tricks. Once again Israel are breaking international laws and once again the world are staying relatively quite, apart from a few Arab nations. Mossad, illegally obtain false passports, they stole the identity of innocent people and they sent a hit squad to kill a man. If an Arab "secret service" were to be involved in this kind of thing the world would near implode with condemnation, threats and most likely sanctions. However Israel obviously will get away with sending out their murder squads.

Anyway that is taking me miles away from my intention of writing here tonight. I felt compelled to write tonight in response to a letter response I read in the Art Issue. I just could not believe what I was reading. Obviously the letter was art related and so only the first paragraph is related and so I will transcribe that paragraph before passing judgement. This is what the "Art Doctor" Orme O'Bakery had to say:

"Dear David. Whoa there tiger. First of all, are you the same David Davidson who's regional operations manager for Sainsbury's in Northern Ireland? If so, well done on the bilingual branch in Andytown, it's nice to know that all that time on the blanket wasn't wasted after all"
- Orme O'Bakery

The letter then goes on to address a topic in relation to art. However I didn't get much further than this because this response completely threw me. I actually found myself rereading this 3 times before moving on. Is this what it has come too? Is this what all those men suffered the cold nights on the blanket in filthy cells for? Is this what 10 men ultimately died for? For a bilingual Sainsburys?

Here is why it baffles me:

  1. The fact that some one can actually say that the time on the Blanket was not wasted, but still use the term "Northern Ireland", without questioning it.
  2. The fact that they believe that having a single bilingual shop, in a land that is still occupied, where Irish men still struggle for freedom, is a success.
  3. The Irish language is still not held in equal standing.
  4. They mention the time on the blanket but fail to mention the price paid by Sands, Hughes, McCreesh, O'Hara, McDonnell, Hurson, Lynch, Doherty, McElwee or Devine.
The 10 aforementioned men gave their lives for political status, to legitimise the Republican cause in the eyes of the world. Their death was a turning point in the history of our Country and a turning point for the peace process of the occupied state. It was their lives that turned many men and women towards the ballot and away from the gun. Whether you believe this is what they died for or not, one can not argue that the Kesh concentration camp has had a huge impact on the direction this occupied state took. The long road to the ceasefires, GFA and ultimately the current Stormont government.

Despite this the Irish people still suffer under the occupier. 110 a day stopped under Section 44, which in itself breaks international law. John Brady hanged in Police Custody. Still no Irish Language act. Still no equality for Gaelic games.

People are more and more accepting the term Northern Ireland, and its use is merely legitimising British Rule. So to recognise the state of Northern Ireland and claim that the time on the blanket was not wasted is laughable at least and insulting at most. It is naive and ignorant.

"Britain Has no Right in Ireland, Never had any right in Ireland and never can have any right in Ireland"

- James Connolly

Until British rule and occupation has been completely and utterly banished from Irish shores then the "time on the blanket" has not ended and the Job is incomplete. We must take up our roles now. If British rule and Northern Ireland are accept and people refuse to oppose it the the time on the blanket was wasted and the lives of the 10 were squandered.

This is the exact attitude that will see the time on the blanket wasted and Irish Republicans must address this attitude now, before it settles and we see all those lives wasted.

I have nothing more to say just now but hopefully I will post again soon.

God Bless and Peace