Monday, 26 May 2008

Road Trip '08 (Part Two)

  1. Firstly its 10 past 12, I'm just in, I'm sunburnt and I've been travelling all day, so excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes.
  2. Secondly you'll notice this is part two. Where is part one you ask? Well due to a high level of Coursework deadlines I missed part one.
  3. Parties Involved: Jolene, Chris, Nicki, Martin, Paula, Michael, Ronan, Michael and Emma

So I went to a friends house to celebrate her Birthday. She was having a BBQ and informed us that it would start at three, and so we were there at around three. She wasn't there, and didn't actually arrive until we near had to leave. The Craic was mighty none the less and she made it intime for us to say happy Birthday, have a bite to eat and then we had to leave. Anyway during the discussion I was informed that my friends were taking a second day trip and I was asked to go. Gratefully I agreed. My friend told me that we would be on the road for around ten.

So this morning came and I was up and ready to leave for Ten. However I wasn't picked up until 11ish, as my mates estimate was wrong. We went to pick up another mate who wasn't even out of bed. It was half 11 before we got on the road. 7 of us between two vehicles. It was great.

We took the coast road to Carnlough, and stopped to sit on the wall and have a chippie. Another friend arrived, and on we went. We stopped for a chat and photographs on some pier, which seemed to be a popular spot to stop for Fishing. After a short while here we drove on to Ballycastle. We bought a "Fling Ring" Frisbee and an Irish Rugby ball. We had a quick game of throw about, but the wind proved too strong, and so we moved on down to the beach. Apart from a short while "standing" in the water we spent most of it on the sand relaxing. From here most of the group had a meal in a resturant, while two of our group sat on a wall having Pizza. We met up again afterwards for more photos and laughs and then back to the car.

From here we drove along the coast road to White Park Bay where we stopped at another beach. It was beautifully positions at the bottom of a grassy hill, and we only found it because of our German friend telling us we should go there. The Sand was smooth and white; The Sky and Sea were a lovely shade of blue. It was beautiful. We played ball and generally had more laughs. We had hoped to make the Causeway, but time didn't seem to be generous enough to admit us that far.

So we headed back to Carnlough. We had Ice Cream and met up with Chris' Brother. After we all got to cold we went back to Ronan's House. Which was very welcoming. Our friends Michael and Emma where there. I even got to play on a Strat. Schweet!
From here we came home. It was a great day, and I'm hoping for "Road Trip '08: Part Three" to be very soon! Until then...

God Bless


Saturday, 24 May 2008


So I'm sitting watching the Eurovision. Ireland aren't in it, and as usual the political voting is well underway. Since the Balkan and Soviet states joined the voting is easily predictable. Anyway thats not really the reason I began to blog.

In work recently a girl said to me, "Bless Chris you just care about everything" and so the joke continued that I was gonna change the world. I'd have to say she is right though, when I stopped and took note of all the Social problems I'm activily trying to bring awareness too, from the outside I must actually appear to be against everything. This, along with my 20th Birthday, lead me on to a reflection period on the 7 teenage years past.

I don't think anyone has went through as many music, personality and dress code changes as myself. Not that I mean I've been fake in anyway; ever. I just mean I've been influenced in many ways, from many places throughout my teen years. I've been a punk skater, Metaller, Rocker etc. My taste in music has stretched and I now listen to just about everything, and with this my dress code has become less and less focused. My main focus in life was clearly music during my younger teen years. My mind now is split equally; 50% Music 50% Social Justice.

My new stage in life is to be Anti-Everything. I'm Anti Coca Cola. Coca Cola have a history of Human Rights abuse. Workers at a bottling factory in Guatemala were killed in the 1970's, in the 80's the showed support for the South African Apartheid Governing System and in the 90's supported Nigeria's Abacha regime. Current Colombian workers along with their Union are promoting a Boycott of Coca Cola cliaming crimes of intimidation, illegal detention and other social crime. In India they are accused of "excessive water consumption, pollution of local wells and destruction of agriculture".

I'm in support of the Boycott for the Beijing Olympics. The boycott is to bring awareness and change to the Tibetian people, who suffer a lack of human rights under Chinese rule. I don't eat in McDonalds because, ontop of the Health Issues, they are official sponsers of the Beijing Olympics. I don't use Dove because they test on Animals and they don't sustain the forests they use. I don't use Loreal or Pantene because they test on animals. I'm against the current Finnish government due to an unfair attempt to force legal abortion in Nicaragua. I also believe the Irish people should vote No to the Lisbon Treaty.

So there you go; I am Chris, New Model Out 2009

God Bless

Friday, 23 May 2008

Fibbers, My Birthday, Football Fever and Indy

So its 1:48 am on Saturday the 24th of May. Ireland are playing a friendly against Serbia today. I'll miss it cause im in work.

This post is just an amalgamation of a few things I've wanted to say recently. So far I've just used this blog to memoir big occasions, but tonights blog is a bit of an aimless ramble just before I go to bed.

This has been a pretty good week past. I'll start with last Friday. We went out to Fibbers in Town for a night of good ole fashioned Irish Music, to entain the visting Germans. Freddie was there, a guy i met at Flip Flop Friday, so it was nice to see him again. After the end of the Night we went to Tesco's, which was suprisingly entertaining. The best part of the night was the random decision to go back to Saint Clements Retreat House (Antrim Road, Belfast). From reading previous posts you may have picked up how much I love this place, and that it is technically closed to the Public. We sat listening to tunes, and passing stories back and forth before everyone slowly faded off to sleep. It was real good and I had a good chat with a friend.

So I'm now 20 years old. As of Tuesday the 20th May. It was a day I wasn't really anticipating. A few days beforehand I decided to get in touch with all the old school group, whom I hadn't seen in a long time. It was great to talk with old friends, learn new things about eachother, and most importantly to Laugh like we'd never drifted. I loved it.

Football fever gripped me six weeks agao when I seen how passionate my father was, at hearing Celtic probably wouldn't win the league. I began to watch the matches of the following weeks and I was gripped. I found myself losing my voice for all the shouting, as Celtic made a miraculous come back and won the League by 3 points on Thursday Night.

So the new Indiana Jones movie is out. I have anticipated this movie for a while. I Loved the originals and all the secrecy around this release intriged me. I saw it last night. I honestly thought it was fantastic. I won't say it was the best Indy movie, and the ending could have been better, but damn was it good. The original Indy films were "Action for the sake of Action" and this was no exception. I highly advise.

God Bless

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Flip Flop Friday

Friday the 9th of May this year was Flip Flop Friday, the main Fundraising day for a charity called Serve. I wrote this Blog that night and never got round to posting it. So here it is.

Lifes Best experiences are often the unexpected. This was one. On wednesday 7th I got a phonecall asking me to travel to Dublin the next evening for Flip Flop Friday. Out of Character for myself, I accepted without even considering if I had any other commitments.

Thursday Night came and Chris
O’ Donoghue and Martin Schneider picked me up and we had to make a stop at St Clements Retreat House. Having not been there since it was closed to the Public, I welcomed the invite, and went inside for a bit of a reflection.

I Miss It.

From there we travelled to Clonard Monsatry. We sold Flip Flop Pins outside the final Mass of the evening, then made our final arrangements before setting out. We made a 15 minute stop for food, and then headed on our way to Dublin. We only really got on the road at about half 10.

Most of our journey was silent due to tiredness. The only real sign of other travellers were the couple of red lights tinkering on further in the darkness, or the occasional golden glow of firey headlights coming over the Horison and disappearing past, as tired travellers made their late night journey. At about 12:06 Father Gerry decided he couldn't safely continue and stopped for a rest. So Chris took me and Martin on in his car, while Father Gerrys Bus disappeared behind us.

Three Hours, 2 Vehicles and One long journey later we arrived in the Cherry Orchard area of Dublin, just after half 1. We had a short chat and then retired to bed, anticipating the hard day ahead...

6:30 AM Friday Morning, 9th of May - Flip FLop Friday. We got up and got cleanedand headed straight out, round to Eoins House; who eagerly awaited us with Flip Flop pins and Flip Flop Costumes, for want of a better word. We were assigned Luas Stations and off we went. I boarded at Dumdrum and made my way to Stallorgan. Here me and Freddy dorned Flip flop costumes, and tried to sell our Flip Flop pins. After a miserable 10 minutes Luas Officers informed us that our Garda permission didn't extend to Luas property, and the people that owned the Luas didn't want us on their property. How's that for "public" transport.

We made our way into Dublin City Centre. Myself, Freddy and Martin had a quick breakfast and went straight to work out side Stephens Green Shopping Centre. Unfortunately so did "Guide Dogs for the Blind", "Denim Day" and the Labour party (Who on a off note were shamefully suggesting that people vote Yes to the Lisbon treaty, which promotes the decline of Irish Culture). After doing this for a while more people turned up to help out. Two off us took our guitars and took the street. Eventually Martin joined in on the idea, and then another person, whose name I have apologetically forgotten. At about half 6pm we packed up and counted out the money roughly. Myself and Martin went to have a meal at McDonalds. (Again on an off note I am choosing to no longer eat there as they are the official sponsers of the Bejing Olympics, Which I believe we should Boycott... but thats for another blog).

I left Martin outside McDonalds as he was going to Cork, and I was going to Belfast. I made my way to Connolly Station with a happy heart and a smile. A strange almost sad feeling came over me as I left the million cranes that is Dublins Skyline behind. I feel at home here... or at least Free.

God Bless

Friday, 2 May 2008

End of Year Formal; Reflection

Well I really can't believe What date it is. My second year of University is complete. It feels so weird, and honestly a little depressing when I reflect on the lack of success I've had. But at least I have made it through the fog. I thought I'd post my reflecton here.

By the time I had made it back to Uni after first year I was already feeling miffed about Uni. I had just scraped through and on a social level I hadn't heard from anyone for 4 months. I decided that This year would be different, and I'd be more out going. For some reason however, I began to feel anxious. I found it more and more difficult to talk to anyone, including the people I spoke to before. I was at the End of Year formal tonight, and realised that I still don't really know anyone. Thats not to say the formal wasn't very much appreciated.

On a Coursework level, this is where I'm at; I only managed minimum marks in my first semester. All the second semester hand-ins were this week. I had to stay late every night just to meet hand in. My latest stay was 1:30am thursday/friday morning. Come half one I just wanted to scream, and so I uploaded what I had and considered myself finished.

I had a Crit session today on my design module, and for the first time this year they lecturers seemed relevtivly content. Thats one success at least. For now I think that as usual, I may just scrape through with minimum marks. This has led me to reflect on other topics but I'll not get into them now.

As for now, with life this is where I am. Another chapter closed, looking out to the horizon, to a four month summer, followed by a year Full time employment in the industry.

For now, God Bless