Monday, 18 January 2010

War Crimes in Gaza

I believe that everyone should watch this video. For some reason the Guardian do not agree with this video being imbedded so Im just posting a link:

It investigates the cases of War Crime during the 23 days of the slaughter now being normalised by the name Operation Cast Lead.

God Bless

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Ross Kemp Middle East: ISRAEL

This is a continuation obviously of the previous blog post and the show it refers too. This show starts with a tour of the places in which suicide bombs have taken place. It is an awful thing to hear. So many Young lives lost; It's not right, not in a supposed civilised world.

Let me make my position clear on this; I do not support bombing Supermarkets and Bus Stops. I do not support killing innocent people. However, when people are opressed history has shown time and time again that they nearly always turn to the gun and bomb, as they see little else that they can do. As a result I will not condem people who are responsible for this. I can not condem. I have no right to condem.

Anyway the show continues, and Ross Kemp goes to a training session for the IDF. The man he talks with makes it clear that they have a shoot to kill policy when it comes to those they designate as terrorists.

This show highlights that 24 people have been killed as a result of Bombs/Rockets from Gaza and in retaliation the Israeli forces have slaughtered 4000 Palestinians. The lives of the 24 is regretable. Whether it is 1 life, 24 lives or 4000 lives it is unacceptable. As a Pro Palestinian I do not support the deaths of these people, I do not believe it can be justified.. However this is the arguement used against Israel. The Israeli forces have used indiscriminate, unproportional, heavy handed response slaughtering thousands of innocent people. They have evicted the people, leaving them homeless. They have destroyed their livelyhoods by destroying such things as their Olive Grove's. They have broken the international laws by cliaming land over the green line.

This show highlights that while protesters throw stones, the Israeli forces fire bullets and tear gas and use Watercannons firing "Something very nasty, not just water". It is once again the arguement against the Israeli forces. Heavy handed oppression. Where is the justification for this action?

At this stage the show turns to the settler question. The settler that he chooses to talk to states clearly that she does not believe that the Arabs have rights to live in the area and using biblical language to prove this.

Now at this stage I would like to highlight, that despite what this woman states, the Old Testament, the scriptures that Jews study, states that the land belongs only to God. He gives the Israelites permission to live there, but the land belongs to God. However lets assume that they do have historical and religious rights to the land surely this accounts only for Religious Jews. How does this apply to non Religious Jews? The Israeli state allows settlements of secular Jews and takes land from the Palestinian Arabs to house these people?

I'm gonna cut this here, as opposed to commenting the whole show. But before I end I would like to clarify my position on the Palestinian cause.

I support Palestinian rights to live free from opression. Free from checkpoints and siege. I believe that the siege of Gaza must end. I believe that the checkpoints that stop the Palestinian people from travel in their own land must end. I believe that violence must come to an end. I believe that the construction of the segregation wall must come to an end and the current fortifications torn down. I believe that the state of Palestine needs to exist as a united state. Not a nation divided into the West Bank and the Gaza refugee camp. I believe that the continuation of settlements and land grabbing must halt now.

God Bless

Ross Kemp Middle East: GAZA

Tonight, Sunday the 17th January 2010, Sky1 is broadcasting a show called "Ross Kemp Middle East: GAZA", in similar style to his "Ross Kemp on Gangs" shows. I decided to watch it, obviously due to my deep interest in and support for the Palestinian cause.

From the beginning of the show you can tell that it is to present antiHamas / ProIsrael propagandha. Anytime Hamas is mentioned, he refers to them as "terrorists", despite the fact that they are a democratically elected governing body for Gaza. None of his sweeping anti Hamas statements are backed up with evidence or sources. He claims that the people he has spoken to do not like Hamas, but with no evidence of the conversations.

The first conversation shows only a man claiming he has no issues with Israelis, but only the opressive government.

He accuses Hamas of firing rockets into Israel continually. Despite the incredile decline in rockets and the fact that Hamas have yet to admit, or even be accused of firing rockets into Israel since the slaughter a year ago. He then talks to "Islamic Jihad", a militant organisation, and using Israeli figures claims that they have fired over a Thousand rockets in the past year. Independant figures claim it is alot less.

Israel has desimated the Gaza strip, starved the people and continues to leave them homeless, sick and dying. Ross Kemp's entire show belittles the entire situation. He focuses completely on the fact that militant organisations exist. He attacks the "smuggling trade". Now I can not see why this is a bad thing? Israel has blockaded the innocent people of the Gaza strip, doing all it can to make sure no aid, food or treats get into the refugee camp. So in this situation is it wrong that people smuggle in as much as they can to keep life going? The issue of the rising prices for smuggled goods is the fault completely of Israel. Stop blockading the people and this could not happen. Stop bombing smuggling tunnels. I will be as bold as to say, I fully support the smuggling of goods. Hamas have no control over these tunnels, according to the smugglers and actually stop Drugs coming in to the refugee camp. Of course the black propaganda of Israeli and American media will deny this.

However near the end he seems to have a slight change of heart as he realises that these "smugglers" need to do this to put food in the stomach of their Children.

He ignores completely the situation that is actually day to day life. Hundreds of thousands of Men, Women and Children left homeless, starving and dying because Israel has blocked the borders, and decimated the area with massive explosions, including weaponry so inhumane that it is illegal.

Over 50% of Gaza's population are under 18. Impressionable young people, who living under oppression become angry and obviously can see no other option but to Fight. On going Rights marches and protests through out Palestine, West Bank and Gaza, have failed time and time again. Even at these peaceful protests, Israeli forces have used heavy handed attacks on the people and have even killed protesters. What other options do these people see for themselves?

The only hope for these people is calling off the blockade of Gaza and allowing the people to live. Allowing the people to see that the people of Israel do not hate Palestinians. Justice will breed peace and without this what hope is there for the people of Israel and Palestine?

God Bless

Monday, 11 January 2010

Mr. Robinson.

Just a quick update from me to highlight my opinions on the Robinson "scandal".

Firstly, I think Scandal is a bit much. Mrs Robinson cheated on her husband and is guilty of non parlimentary financial action. As a result she will be standing down.

In my opinion that is it over with. I can see no reason for Mr. Robinson to stand down. No man in this situation would have acted any different. If Peter Robinson stands down it would be a symbolic sacrifice that would not benifit the electorate.

Frankly I think fellow politicians and the media should leave him alone

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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Egypts role in Gaza Ghetto

Well I for one have had a great year and a great start to 2010. Sadly when can not say the same for the suffering people of Gaza.

A year on from the attempted genocide of The refugee's in the Gaza camp and they are still suffering under siege, suffering and in desperate need of aid.

As much as Israel are to blame for this siege I have said often that Egypt has closed a border with Gaza too, thus should share the blame of the terrible conditions forced upon Palestinians in the region.

People have often rebuked this opinion, but now will hopefully see that this is the case. During the year a 100 truck strong convoy, led by MP G Galloway drove via Egypt to Gaza. Since the suffering continues they tried again. This is when Egypt revealed her true colours.

So far the convey have been unhindered, but Egypt has desperately tried to prolong Gaza suffering and stop the Convoy. They first denied them entry but where beaten when the convoy went on Hunger Strike. However the unhelpful nature continued when Riot Police and water cannons were called to block the convoy.

When will nations realise heavy policing causes trouble, it rarely stops it. This escalated into a riot. 50 people injured.

Still Gaza lies in ruins, under siege and in need of aid. They must feel so alone in a world that allows such evils and still claims to be civilised.

The UN hasn't done enough. No nation has. The oppresors, Israel, can hold Gaza under siege, but I'm called anti semetic for standing boycotting Israel.

Viva Palestina.

God Bless

- Posted on the move, from my iPod touch, there will be a longer update upon my arrival home.