Friday, 20 March 2009

"A Good Arab is an Arab in the Grave"

So this has been a bad week for the IDF and the Israeli Government. Apart from admital to the vandalisation of Palestinian homes, the truth behind the murder of innocent, unarmed civilians, including women and children has been revealed in testimonies from Soldiers. They have made claims that they were both allowed and on some cases even ordered to do so!!

I need not saying anything more than the words of the Soliders themselves:

"What's great about Gaza; You See a person on a path, he doesn't have to be armed, you can simply shoot him. In our case it was an old person on whom I did not see any weaon when I looked. The order was to take down the person, this Women, the minute you see her. There are always the saying, 'Maybe he's a Terrorist.' What I felt was, there was a lot of thirst for blood"

"The atmosphere in general; How should I say this? The Life of Palestinians is much less important than the life of our soliders"

"At the beginning the directive was to enter a house with an armoured vehicle, to break the door down, to start shooting inside and to ascend floor by floor and – I call it murder – to go from floor to floor and to shoot at everyone we identify. In the beginning I asked myself how could this make sense? Higher-ups said it is permissible because everyone left in the city [Gaza City] is culpable because they didn't run away. This frightened me a bit. I tried to influence it as much as possible, despite my low rank, to change it. In the end the directive was to go into a house, switch on loudspeakers and tell them 'you have five minutes to run away and whoever doesn't will be killed'." (Note: That is Ethnic Cleansing Philosophy)

What more do I need to say on the matter. Surely this is all the evidence the ICC needs to at least begin an investigation? I do not have much faith left in the ICC. Much like the UN and the EU, these organisations semm to fail to look after the most vunarable people of the World. Time and time again positions of power have corrupted the purpose behind these organisations.

After incidents of Trauma, one of the methods of recovery is to find sanctuary. For many, returning home after these traumatic expeirences is exactly the sanctuary the people need. After all many fond memories revolve around ones home. The return brings the feeling of safety and security. Not always the case, but for many it is.

Palestinans have always been denied this right. For many Palestinians, once they leave their home, there is no return. Bulldozers, F-16's and Tank Shells usually make sure of that. However for those that have been luck enough to return to their homes after Operation Cast Lead, they are not granted the feelings Peace, Safety and Security. They are returning to find their Homes vandalised and defaced.

The squad leader said: "To write 'death to the Arabs' on walls, to take family pictures and spit on them, just because you can. I think this is the main thing: To understand how much the IDF has fallen in the realm of ethics." - Squad Leader Aviv

Crude sexual diagrams, Racist drawings of Mosques urinated upon and Hate slogans have been left all over the remaining homes, or ruins of homes.

"The writing left by Israeli soldiers in the homes in Gaza provides an insight into the disturbing culture of hatred and racism towards Palestinians and Arabs which exists among parts of Israeli society,"- Hamdi Shaqqura (The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights' (PCHR) director of democratic development)

In light of the evidence PCHR has gathered of the willful and wanton killing of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, this graffiti is even more disturbing.

A stairwell, includes the following sentences written in chalk:

"There will be a day when we kill all the Arabs."

"Bad for the Arabs is good for me."

"A good Arab is an Arab in the grave."

"Peace now, but between Jews and Jews, not Jews and Arabs."

I don't even know where to go from here. Will we never see a world where people do not hate. Where people are not constantly trying to one up the other??

In other news, an article I read in the Gaurdian, by Seth Freedman, he reports upon threats of a third Intifada. The article is entitled "Trouble Brewing in Jerusalem". I would suggest reading it. Its very interesting.

I think I will end here, with my request as usual. Boycott Israel, Economically and Academically.

God Bless

Friday, 13 March 2009

This one could get me in Trouble...

I have decided to post my views on the recent actions in Ireland, by the RIRA and the CIRA. I realise that this one could get me in trouble, but I feel if I continue to Blog about Palestine, I can not ignore the struggles in my own country. So firstly I would like to state the facts, about what has happened.

On Saturday the 8th of March 2009, dissident Republicans known as the the Real Irish Republican Army (RIRA), shot dead two British Soldiers, at the Massereene Barracks in Antrim, injuring four other people, including two civilian Pizza dilivery men. One of the Dilivery men was a Catholic Youth, and the other a Polish immigrant. Within 48 hours another dissident Republican group known as the the Continuity Irish Republican Army (CIRA) shot dead PSNI Constable Stephen Carroll, in Craigavon while he was out answering a Distress call. They are the facts. Now as an Irish Republican I wish to highlight my views.

I believe that we have no place for an Armed Struggle in this Country, especially at this stage in our struggle. Nearly every Irish uprising has resulted from a Political movement, where an armed struggle was the last option available. It has also been the intention of the Irish Republican Army that they would put down their guns when the Armed struggle had achieved all they could. For this moment they have, and as a result the IRA have disbanded, except for the Dissedents. However, I can not condemn dissident Republicans. They believe that they are fighting for a Free Ireland, a concept I passionately believe in. These people are the same as the Antitreaty Group of the Civil War, a side I would have to admit I probably would have joined. Even these men gave into the politics of the Free State eventually, meaning so many Irish men died needlessly.

British soldiers have no right to be stationed in Ireland. They are an armed occupying force and thus an enemy to Irish Freedom. To further this the two men that where shot, where leaving within two hours to join their fellow Soldiers to occupy Afghanistan, where they themselves would have killed many more. The RUC where a Unionist armed Paramilitary Police force, a British institution.

However I am uncertian on the legitimacy of the PSNI as targets. Currently Sinn Fein have decided to support Policing, because the People of the Northern Occupied Territory, need a Police Service and not a Police force. Only through sitting on the Policing board, can we create this kind of Service. I am in no way fully supportive of the PSNI at this current stage, but I do not see them as legitimate targets.

The RIRA and the CIRA, are fighting for a Free Ireland, however they have no Political Wing, which means they have no Political Mandate for the intergration of the Occupied Territory into the current Free State Government. Most followers however back Republican Sinn Fein, a break away party from Sinn Fein. They believe in the concept of √Čire Nua, a Federal Government where the Provinces would have a governing body each, but overall controll would come from an overall 32 County Government. This would also allow Unionists in the North to maintain some control over there current constituiants. I am not 100% sure if I would agree to that style of Government, but at least it would be a Free Ireland. Free from all British claim of Soveriegnty.

However from what I can gather the current Free State Government have a different plan, where by Ulster will continue to be Governed from Stormont, or if not Ulster then the Six Counties of Occupied Ulster. Meaning removal of British control, but changing nothing. We will be changing the Flag without changing the Politics. I can not even pretend to agree with that. It is wrong, leaving the divide in my country. So the reason I see no room for the Armed Struggle now, is that we have no concrete Political plan to fight for. We are merely fighting for the sentence "We want a 32 county Free Ireland" without even knowing what will happen, after British control ends. I believe that we must have a concrete plan, as to how our Country plans to work politically, and precise steps laid out on how we will get there.

At the stage, where many may disagree, I believe that we need to choose Peaceful means to obtain Justice, which will lead to Peace anf Freedom for Our Island. At this stage, we have a reformed Police Force, held accountable by Republican Politicians. We have seen the removal of a majority of British Troops, and dismantling of Army posts and Barracks. The 5000 troops left in our Country remain in barracks, only to be called to the street to deal with Bombs, Bomb scares and security breaches. Catholics and Protestants, Republicans and Loyalists and Unionists and Nationalists share equal rights on nearly every topic.

Does this mean I am against the RIRA and the CIRA? Does this mean I deem them Terrorists or Traitors? Absolutely not! Especially when the UDA and the UVF remain an armed force. While the British/Stormont government demanded not only decommsioning, but the disbanding of the Provisional IRA, they continue to allow the Loyalist murder squads to maintain their weapons, offering more and more time for decommisioning. They where even offered grants to do so.

It was on the basis that I decided I would not attend the silent protests around the occupied territory on Wednesday. It seemed hypocritical to me, that anyone could stand alongside Prominant UDA/UVF figures and call for dissidents to desist. It was clearly just AntiRepublican. The ICTU's has not protested despite the fact that Loyalists are yet to Disarm.

In conclusion, I do not see the room for a current ongoing armed struggle. I, however, do not see the RIRA or the CIRA as terrorists, but Freedom Fighters. I believe they need to ceasefire however, as there is no call for them at present time. Politics is working, and can work. If at a time, the British Army, or the PSNI, begin to opress the rights of Republicans/Catholics/Protestants then, and only then, can I see the rom for an Armed Struggle.

God Bless

Its been a brave while... and nothing has changed

Well it has been a brave while since I posted anything. Quite alot has been going on in the world. It's a sad thing, that everyday I read about Wars, Murders and Occupations. I for one have not posted a blog in a long time not regarding the aforementioned topics. This blog will be no different.

Firstly to address the reasoning behind My lack off bloging. I recently did not see the point. I have few readers, and clearly this blog is not making any difference to anyone. I read recently that the Reason the ICC have not made a case against Ehud Olmert, and other Terrorists, is that they are not sure is Palestine is enough of an official state. How is that even justified?? People are people, regardless of whether they are an officially recognised state or not. Despite that, as Edward Campbell says

"The Palestinian Authority does not need to be a sovereign state for Israel to be tried in the ICC, because the ICC will not be asserting jurisdiction over Palestine. The ICC will be asserting Jursidiction over Israel" - Edward Campbell, taken from his article "The ICC Doesnt need Jurisdiction over Palestine to Proceed against Israel".

Secondly, I want to address an article I came across today, on the BBC and Al Jazeera. Hamas have criticised the Rocket attacks on Israel. I was interested at the language of the spokesman. The spokesperson said rockets where "being fired at the wrong time". This is quite similar to the language of the Irish Republicans sitting in the Stormount Government, when talking about recent dissident Republicans. I will not disscuss my views on that here. I just thought the similarity was interesting.

Anyway Israel have yet to make a response about the recent statement. However Israel has held Hamas responsible for all the attacks on the Southern Israeli towns, and has made threats against them for them all. Hamas have now criticised them and have denied responsibility for them all. So a response from Israel will be Interesting.

Also, people from Israel now seem to be questioning the whole Operation Cast Lead results and purpose. One newspaper even asks "Did we even fight a war in Gaza?" We can see the uncertianty in the following quote:

"In the face of the enemy... Israel will present itself as a 'Crazy Country', the kind that will respond in a massive and unfettered assault, with no proportion to the amount of casulties it has endured" - Ofer Shelah

The Israel Daily, Yediot Ahronot, went as far as to say Operation Cast Lead had failed miserably. In fact the conclusion was simply "In Brief, We're Screwed".

However it is far from a change in attitudes and actions from Israel. Despite the presence of an international committee, examining the Arab Living conditions in Negev, Israeli athorities have demolished two arab owned houses, and uprooted a further 100 Olive Trees. Plans for further Israeli only settlements have continued to be developed for the West Bank.

God Bless