Saturday, 8 August 2009

"Republican" Bonfire...

I'm just home from a night at the Fort Bar just off the Falls Road, and I am fully disgusted at the disgraceful sights I was met with, in an area I once respected. I am writing this straight up, so excuse the bad grammar etc.

As I drove to the Fort I past the monstrosity that has been refered to as a "Republican" Bonfire.

In my humble opinion the whole concept, the disgusting behaviour surrounding it and the horrendus displays of hate are everything Irish Republicanism is not.

The Bonfire was decked with flags of the union, amoung others. If you have read or refer to my previous blogs about the bonfires you will find that I am disgusted by the use of flags on Bonfires. This is merely a symbol of hate. Once you are lost in hate, your Republicanism slowly dies, as a Republic based on the hate of others is not the Republic that our fallen heros have died for. However to heighten the disgracefulness of these flags, directly across the road is a Mural that states all flags are welcome on the Falls, meaning all people are welcome. These flags are shouting "YOUR NOT WELCOME" to anyone that is Unionist, loyalist or even just happy to British.

The alcohol fuelled hatred left the lower Falls and Divis covered by debris, as drunken fools fell over themselves. As we walked past two girls they began to burn a "Northern Ireland" flag, whilst wrapped in my flag. This is a great insult to me and should be an insult to other Republicans. If they insist on flauting the fact that they are bigoted bastards, I would appreciate if they didn't do so whilst wrapped in the Irish Tricolour, a flag of peace.

To fur
ther the disgusting behaviour they were actually hijacking and joyriding cars. What in the name of our good God was the point or logic behind that. It is completely non Republican. It is detrimental to society.

The people lining the lower Falls and Divis tonight where no better than the Bigoted fools that danced around the eleventh night bonfires faluting hatred of everything Irish and Catholic.

It may seem harsh, but these people are not practising Republicanism or Irishness or anything in anyway related. They are "celebrating" hatred, bigotness and alcohol fuelled idiocy. I have lost some of my respect for what I saw as Republican Belfast.

God Bless

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  1. Great work mate, no doubt about it. Wish more people thought like you. I get the Loyalist version every 12th in Lisburn all the time and think its just sickening
    Matt (minus a website and so cannot fill in 'comment as' bit)