Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Dalai Lama

Just a comment I want to pass on something I heard a few days back and never got the chance to mention.

The Dalai Lama commented that the USA were champions of Democracy and human rights. I would seriously hope that this was a case of democratic politeness and nothing more.

How could anyone deem a nation built on genocide, violence and racist bigotry to be a champion of anything?

After "discovering" America, the vistors tried to commit genocide, on the natives. Then you have their fight for independence, as long as you were White. The very men who wrote with one hand "...all men are created equal", oppressed the black with the other.

Then Abraham Lincoln, is famed for liberating the slaves, despite the fact that he publically admitted he did so only to secure his union and had he been able to do so without liberating the slaves he would have done so.

So once black slaves were "liberated", they still were not held in equal standing. The government having dehumanised the black people, made way for the rise of racist groupings such as the KKK.

I won't go through their entire history, but you get the point.

God Bless, Peace

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