Friday, 3 September 2010


Burma is currently ruled by a dictatorship, charged by the United Nations with "crimes against humanity, for its systematic abuses of human rights. It is one of thee most brutal dictatorships in todays world.

While the population go without healthcare, education and food, the regime spends the majority of its budget only on the military. A sad, but undeniable truth, is that one in ten children die before the age of five.

In 1990 the country held elections, in which 82% of the vote was won by the National League for Democracy, led by Aung San Suu Kyi, a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Aung San Suu Kyi has since been under House arrest and as of May 6th of this year the NLD have been banned by the Regime.

There are currently 2,100 political prisoners in Burma and NGO's and Human Rights groups have reported them tortured. Ko Mya Aye has been denied urgent medical treatment for a heart condition, as he lays in Taungyi Prison for leading a Student protest. Furthermore the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners estimated that 136 other prisoners are in bad health.

Men, Women and Children are in forced Labour, made to work for the Regime without pay. Many have suffered beatings, torture, rape and even murder. The International Labour Organisation committee on Burma said that Burma had made "totally inadequate" steps to change this.

The Regime is knowingly waging war on ethnic minorities. The Burmese Army have increased attacks on Karen civilians in Eastern Burma. On the 23rd of July the Burma Army soldiers burned 50 homes, a school and a church in the Dah Der village in the Mutraw District of the Karen state. 540 people fled into hiding. The Karens Women's Organisation has released a report documenting the horrors of the regime; crucifixion, burning people alive, raping and gang rape, burying women up to their heads, beating women to death and beheadings.

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