Friday, 3 September 2010

The Current State of Ireland as a Nation

The Irish Free State is no more than a capitalist, power orientated, bear shaped hole in the world map. The constant Americanisation has done for Ireland what sins do for the soul.

The land of Saints and Scholars is no more as her morals are sold and squandered; those who align themselves with the proclamation of 1916 must feel like strangers on their own island, struggling to see where the desire for a workers orientated free Ireland died on the path along which the Celtic Tiger led us.

Her neutrality exists no more to be questioned, as US war planes fuel in Shannon to fly to decimate Iraq or wherever America deems fit next. Her abandonment of the dying people of Palestine, as they continue trade with Israel and refuse to throw out their ambassador, shows how quickly one can forget the help received from the likes of the Choctaw Tribes during An Gorta Mor.

After correspondence with the councillors of Dublin over the insane prospects of a state visit from an English Monarch I have come to finally accept that the people of the occupied territory have been cut lose, no longer considered an issue for Ireland. Seemingly our Irish citizenship is symbolic only of times gone by. The visit from the occupier is being warmly welcomed by those who are s'posed to represent the views of the people.

The welcoming of the English head of state, legitimises her claim of sovereignty over our island; it legitimises partition and it forgets the sons of Róisín who died for her freedom!

The Free State is a British state!

Anyone, who is revolutionary enough, to show a glimmer of hope, for an Ireland of which they can be proud, is painted as a dissident, living in the past and tarred with the same brush used against Ireland's armed rebels.

Yet there is hope, a candle still burning in the hearts of unfree or righteous men. It can be seen, placard in hand, marching the streets; for Palestine; for POWs; for workers; Yes the light is dim, but it burns!!

It may seem insane, but serious economic failure is probably the only future for Ireland. For people to turn to the left and rise up; to fight for the Ireland from tales of old.

Beidh Ár Lá Linn!!

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