Monday, 29 June 2009

You can't decommision attitudes (*Harsh Language*)

So there is alot of talk these day about how we all want to move towards peace, especially since the decommissioning of the loyalist weapons has been spoke about these days. Maybe I'm just a pessimist but I'm not wearing the rose tinted glasses everyone else must be wearing.

We are certainly in a period of less conflict, but is it peace? Well anything other than a physical peace? No, it is not. Still we see flags hoisted to mark ones territory from another, Kerbs painted and the typical traditional hate marchs that happen each year at this time.

Yes at this time each year the loyalist communities try to claim ownership of the month of July. The fresh flags are hoisted, the murals touched up and the sectarian bigoted activities begin. The Fenians are expected to stay either at home, or to leave for the month, at least until after the twelth.

It's not hard to see that with all the talk of loyalist decommisioning, that little has been done to decommision the attitude that the taigs don't belong. In recent years the "council" has hung signs stating "Glengormley; Its Your Town". However at the same time every year, in a completely hypocritical move, they allow the scrap metal to be erected that states "This is most certainly NOT your town; It's ours". The Orange arch cover in anti-irish and anti-catholic sentiment is erected right in the centre of the village, a s'posed public area.

A year ago, at Easter a women was forced, by the PSNI, a s'posed impartial Police Service, to remove her Irish flag. The national flag of her country. And Yet with out any arguement, permissions or consideration for the lowly second class "tims", hundreds of anti-irish flags, UVF Flags and flags of the Foriegn "Union" are hoisted all around my village, where I live. Again to remind me, that I merely have residence there. I'm not part of the community. I'm second class.

Then begin the bigot hate parades. The "Loyal Orange Lodge", an organisation that claims to be religio
us, march through Nationalist area, all over the occupied state, playing songs such as "Kick The Pope" and lyrics such as "Up to our neck in fenian blood 'til the day I die", with band names such as "KAI: Kill All Irish" and waving more sectarian flags. They claim its their traditional routes. I guess they are right. Hate is their tradition. What has kicking the Pope, Killing fenians and harassing locals got to do with christianity? About as much as the "Christian" Ku Klux Klan who marched the streets of the south, harassing and harbouring hate against the "second class lowly niggers" and waving their flags to represent hate.

Then comes the enviormental nightmare of the bigoted Alcohol fueled hate fires. All over the occupied state once again, huge piles of wood are stacked, made ready to be set alight on the 11th night so that local hoods, loyalists and bigots can dance to sectarian music, flags wrapped around them and reminise of the old days where it was okay to hate fenians openly. Anyone that tries to argue these fires are anything other than a hate celebration, is undermined by the use of Irish Flags, Pope models and, horrifyingly, the names of children killed by loyalist bigots used as toppers for their fires.

Note the Use of Sinn Féin posters.

Note the
use of a "Papal Figure" on the top

Note the use of many Irish flags, and a poster displaying the 10 men who died on the 1981 Hunger Strike, who died for the rights of Republican and Loyalist prisioners.

Note the writing on the flag. It says "Fuck Micky Bo". This is in relation to Michael McIlveen. A 15 year old boy, beat with Baseball bats, and had his head kicked and jumped on, by fully grown loyalist men. He was 15, and he died at the scene. Why? He was a Catholic.

Mervyn Wilson Moon (20), of Douglas Terrace, had admitted murder at the start of the trial. Christopher Andrew McLeister (18), of Knockeen Crescent, who had been on trial for murder, was found guilty of manslaughter. Paul Edward David Henson (19), of Condiere Avenue, was convicted of affray and criminal damage. Man Slaughter and criminal damage??
The UDA then threatened the father when he tried to have the flag removed. Striking similarity can be found in the Robert Hamil and the Kevin McDaid cases. Police have accepted now that members of the UDA and the Pride of the Band Orange flute band were involved in murdering Kevin McDaid, beating up his wife Evelyn and issuing threats to his son, and the family of Damien Flemming.

So what do I make of the loyalist decommisioning? Not a dam thing. The UVF, the UDA, the RHC and the LVF were all involved in collusion cases with the British Army and the RUC, and nearly all of them, if not all, were members of the "Loyal Orange Lodge". Nearly every RUC member was also a member of both paramilitaries and the LOL.

The IRA decommissioned four years ago, and only now are we hearing of loyalists making the move. Not only that but they have been considering financial grants to help them do so. That is the biggest insult imaginable to the families of the 1,000 innocent people slaughtered by those bastards. The UVF have claimed to have decommissioned everything and the RHC claim the same. The UDA "have begun" the process. The LVF haven't made a mention, and it seems no one is gonna ask either. With the UVF/RHC, they had three witnesses, whom they chose, and now expect to move into a political role. This is a disgusting thought.

When the IRA decommisioned, the loyalists threw every possible road block imaginable. They demanded they chose the witnesses, and then refused to even consider decommisioning until the Army Council was declared no more. They did it. Four years ago. At this stage if the IIDC report the decommisioning of weapons I will accept that. But I will not accept the legitmising of their bigoted beliefs, by allowing their "army council" to remain.

Further more we have been reminded of the words of David Irvine, a loyalist paramilitary himself, that the "war is over". To even consider the actions of the loyalist paramilitaries to be a war is an insult to the intellegience of any Catholic, regardless of wether they are Republican or Nationalist. Most of the 1,000 killed had no involvement in either the IRA or even Sinn Féin. Most were working class Catholics just trying to live a life. Kidnapping Catholics, pulling them into a black taxi and slaughtering them with butchers knifes in an alley can in no way be called a war. They were not, and can never be legitimised as an army.

They were a band of armed bigots, out to kill anyone Catholic or Irish, and when that was no longer acceptable, they took their hate out on eachother and terrorised the normal, true Protestant people.

To call loyalist paramilitaries or the "LOL" a Protestant organisation, is an insult to the many great Protestant churchs in our world. It is also an insult to the Protestant history of the Irish people. Many of the Irish revolutions were led by decent working Protestant citizens, both in Political and armed arenas. Many men and women involved in the rebirth of Irish culture were of Protestant denominations.

The point I want to make is, its a simple fact that we are not in a time of peace because mindsets are the same. We only want peace, as long as its "our" peace. The loyalist idea of peace, is that we don't use weapons anymore, and that we Irish Republicans, just accept that this is "Northern" Ireland, and just forget about a United Free Ireland. To help us on our way to this thought process, they will of course hoist the flags, sing the songs and parade on the streets and continue to antagonise the locals.

You Can't Decommision Attitudes

God Bless


  1. We need to get down to brass tacks here mate.

    Dismantle the Orange Order and the Catholic Church. Religion has no place in Free Ireland. Neither does democracy, dissent or dialogue.

    One nation, one sport.

    Pray to the soil that the masses are enlightened otherwise it's gonna be a dark fucking winter.

  2. In Theroy that sounds grand, but actually it can not work. However I'm not saying dismantle the Orange Order, merely that we need to learn to respect the traditions of others and keep them to ourselves. Have a bonfire, but why burn another persons flag. Have a parade but why down a street you know violence is likely to happen?

    Catholics and the LOL members tend to be so because its the way they were raised and thus I can not condem them... however I see many a flaw in the organisations that need reviewing

  3. It's not really in theory though.

    Nationalism has never worked. British Imperialism was always fuelled by Nationalism and look how they fucked up this country and countless others.

    What I'm trying to say is that ALL tradition should be put in some sort of communal bonfire because to me, history and heritage mean fuck all. It's just divisive.

    Can never escape that we're all born the same. Traditions and loyalties just blur truths that'll probably never get through etc.